Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Wish for 2012

Steven Pearlstein describes the myriad forms of capitalism in the Washington Post today.  Capitalism, he writes, comes in a variety of flavors.  Each produces a different outcome, often profit and sometimes enormous wealth for some at the expense of many. 

In this national election then, Pearlstein believes it is fair to ask candidates about the kind of capitalism they want for America.
We would all surely welcome an intelligent presidential debate on what kind of capitalism we want to have. Only please spare us the self-serving nonsense about who created or destroyed how many jobs. In almost any form of capitalism, running the government is not the same as running the economy, and neither is like running Bain Capital.
My additional wish asks for non-capitalist options.  Given the choices possible in 2012 America, I vote for humane capitalism.

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