Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Gear. Old Gear.

Finally bought a good swing away bike carrier and a solid hitch for mounting it.  No more dissassembling the bikes to fit them in the camper.  With the swing away I can opent the back end with out removing the bikes.  Very nice.

Today also proved the value of my helmet.  My bike slid out from under me as I was dodging washboard cracks on a wet, mossy trail near The Evergreen State College.  I cut just a bit too sharply and went down on my right knee and shoulder and slammed my head on to the pavement.   My helmet took the hit and saved what's left of my brain.

No serious injuries as far as I can tell.  I was able to ride another six miles with Maggie around the Evergreen campus and vicinity but wisely canceled my plans to ride an additional six miles home from there.

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