Saturday, June 09, 2012

Shameless Video Pluggery

A few weeks ago I taped an interview about my book, At the Speed of Foot, for The Veterans Hour", a production of my VFP Chapter here in Olympia.  The interview is a mix of Appalachian Trail and Vietnam experiences with discussion and plugs for the veterans benefit counseling that program host Dennis Mills and I provide at Coffee Strong.

It's about an hour long.  Watch what you will.

Not only does Dennis interview guests well, he also does post production editing for final release.

Dennis is the other counselor with me at Coffee Strong.  Actually it's me with him since I alternate Fridays; Dennis goes every week.  Today we learned that he passed the exam to be certified by the VA.  Now we are both certified.

Update:  I cannot  figure out how to resize the video to not overlap my blogroll.  If you want to watch without seeing links bleeding through the image, you can find the video here.

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