Saturday, June 02, 2012

They're Not Dead Yet

"Advertising that you were a part of GW Bush’s foreign policy team is like bragging that you have genital herpes" is about as pithy a verdict on Condoleeza Rice and the whole CheneyBush cabal that drove America into the ditch. Apparently Rice's name is being floated as a Republican VP candidate for Mitt Romney, providing at once ethnic and gender balance along with foreign policy experience (however questionable). It's a cynical ploy but not at all beyond belief. Maybe the Republicans think that four years is long enough to forget what a fucking disaster CheneyBush was.

Vice President Rice or no, a President Romney is likely to give us more of the same foreign policy that has bled the nation for the past decade. His likely advisers are pretty much the same crew and their intellectual spawn that gave us our current wars.  They see no reason to change anything but maybe some tactics. Not even the disasters in Iraq or Afghanistan give them pause. As far as they are concerned, all is fine, largely due to the policies they set in motion.  Any current success surely does not result from any actions of the current administration but rather from their own wise vision and effective stewardship.

The Big Lie is alive and well. 

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