Monday, July 09, 2012

More Public Employees

Unlike Nick Hall, these public employees did not lose their lives in the line of duty.  They lost their jobs.  I refer to 900 Washington State Liquor Control Board employees who ran the state's liquor monopoly until June 1st.  On that day, Washington's exclusive state monopoly was completely privatized, the result of an initiative run by Costco in November 2011.   Costco spent a shitload of money on its second attempt to crack the state monopoly in 2011 and it worked.  In little over seven months the State Liquor Control Board figured out how and accomplished the complete privatization of a system that had been in place for 70 years.  Much of the responsibility fell on workers whose jobs would disappear in the process with little likelihood of finding comparable replacements. 

Even so, they pulled it off. 

Keep that in mind next time some blowhard complains about lazy, overpaid government workers.

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