Tuesday, July 03, 2012

They Got Nuthin'

Republicans are fond of talking "repeal and replace" when in it comes to Affordable Care Act.  But the emphasis is exclusively on the repeal.  Apparently repeal is all that is needed.  According to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, the 30 million Americans who would lose coverage with repeal are "not the issue".  Perhaps the Free Market Magic Fairy will take care of them all

The Affordable Care Act has plenty of shortcomings but is, if nothing else, a real attempt to deal with a real problem.  The Republican alternative:  you die, go broke or both.

Case in point:  my 82 year-old friend is a retired lawyer who did very well practicing in Phoenix from 1960 to the early 90's until he got cancer.  He beat the cancer at the cost of his life savings and now lives month to month in subsidized senior housing and makes weekly trips to the food bank. 

If the Affordable Care Act had been in place back then, my friend would not be in such dire straights.

Apparently, that is not an issue that means shit to McConnell and his band of thugs.



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