Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Choice

For once, I can say something good about Mitt Romney.  I appreciate Romney selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate.  Ryan has articulated a clear vision of America.  It's not a vision I agree with but now that it has been officially introduced into the presidential campaign, Ryan's vision (and all of the economic changes that go with the vision) may actually  prompt some real discussion of the role of the federal government in 21st century America. 

Highlighting Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" only says that Romney is a "More of The Same" candidate.  Ryan's budget plans continue the concentration of wealth in America that began with Saint Ronald the Reagan and has continued ever since.  All the tax cuts, deregulation and military spending that was supposed to create prosperity for all gave great profit to some at the expense of many. 

Mitt Romney hopes we will be stupid enough to believe that fairy tale once again. 

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