Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Saner Arizona

Arizona shows up today on as barely Republican.  Romney leads Obama 48-45, his down 8 points since August.  Arizona not going for Romney would be an upset but I can at least imagine that possibility.  After all, the last incumbent Democratic president seeking re-election actually carried Arizona.  Despite Arizona's wingnut and racist reputation, many Arizonans do not accept those attitudes and beliefs as legitimate.  I know too many of them to ever accept the caricature of Arizona so easily created by the racists and assholes.

One of those fine people--Kyrsten Sinema--is running for Congress as a Democrat in Arizona District 9.  She was first elected to the Arizona Legislature not long before I left Arizona.  She served in both House and Senate, earning a reputation as a strong advocate for social and economic justice.  CD 9 is a swing district; Sinema is currently about 5 points ahead of a Republican opponent.

Further evidence of intelligent life in Arizona is Sinema's endorsement by Barry Goldwater's grandchildren. Compared to today's Arizona Republicans, Barry is a Bolshevik.

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