Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zion Crossroads

Zion Crossroads, Virginia shows up in the Washington Post article on the changing political culture of Virginia, the state I long called home.  The article follows US Route 15 from the Potomac River to the aforementioned Zion Crossroads.  To a University of Virginia undergraduate in the late 60's Zion Crossroads was the outer boondocks, a grand name for a small place on the road to Richmond.  The Post article rightly declares Zion Crossroads to be in the South, unlike those other places along Route 15 that used to be part of a Solid South for Republicans .

I have many memories Route 15, which shared the road with US 29, the route from Charlottesville, Virginia to Washington, DC.  I traveled that route many times as a UVa student; the article brought back clear images of that rolling Piedmont countryside.  Warrenton, Opal and Culpeper are places I recall easily.   I remember the Rappahannock River crossing at Remington as especially pretty.  The Post has a very nice photo of the river.*

As fond as these memories are, I find the present where Virginia might actually not vote Republican very encouraging. 

I suspect, though, that Zion Crossroads will vote Republican.

* Warning.  Link starts brings up an ad and maybe the entire gallery or maybe just photo 24.

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