Saturday, December 08, 2012

Coda for a War

 Eleven years on, the violence continues
“The ground shook and everyone started to run,” said Abdul Wali, 25, a hardware shop owner whose gaping glass storefront was still covered with a blanket Monday. “I don’t know who would do such a terrible thing, but we have no security at all. The police beat people, the Americans raid our villages and still we are not safe. We would be happy if they all left tomorrow.”
A great deal of happiness would ensue if Mr. Wali gets his wish.  I don't doubt that some difficulty will occur along the way to that happiness but I know that the likelihood of Afghans coming to terms with one another will be enhanced with Americans out of the equation.  I also don't doubt that after 2014 Americans will continue to be in Afghanistan.  They won't be the bigfoot highly visible foreign occupiers, though.  After 2014 Americans will morph from foreign occupiers to a big money foreign interest.  I hope Mr. Wali's village finds safety in the changes to come.

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