Saturday, January 05, 2013

Aliens on Our Own Planet

Zbignew Brzezinski makes a strong case against US military strikes on Iranian nuclear sites.  He calls military action against Iran "reckless" and very likely to create a number of adverse results for the US and many of its allies.  Among the reasons, all credible predictions based on experience, Brzezinski did not include one very unfortunate result:  America would be alienated from Iran for generations to come.  Iranians are already rightly suspicious of the US as a result of our overthrow of an elected nationalist Iranian government in 1953 and the 26 years dictatorship under the American backed Shah Reza Palavi.  And still, many Iranians have managed to retain at least some admiration for American culture and our professed ideals.  A military attack, especially one serious enough to destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities, would pretty much wipe out any remaining favor for America in Iran.

So what's the big deal.  I mean, who needs Iran?  My selfish answer is I need Iran because I want to be part of the entire world, to embrace all as friend and fellow human.  The United States needs Iran for that same reason; my country should not dismiss one of the oldest civilizations on earth as some historical vestige with no current worth, as a nation whose interests and national pride count for nothing, to be marginalized at every turn.  To me that is living in a Fortress America.  Instead of the fortress being behind two oceans as in the late 1930's, the Fortress America of the 21st century is surrounded by its archipelago of military bases and casts its net world wide.

Stepping back from war on Iran can be a step toward fuller and peaceful engagement with the world.

America and the rest of the world would be better off for the change.

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