Monday, July 29, 2013

Floating with the Morning

Spent the past five days at a family gathering on Long Lake northwest of Spokane where a cousin and her husband have a lakefront property.  Aside from the primary purpose of seeing brother, bother's stepson, cousins, cousins' kids and a few grand cousin kids, I managed to spend time on the water in a kayak.  My favorite time was before sunrise when the water is calm and no one is about.  I was on the water each morning just as sunlight was beginning to show on the wooded hills on the lake's western shore.  That gave me time to watch the day unfold.  Ospreys circled overhead, hunting for fish.  A flock of geese swept across my bow.  A heron stood stately watch on a swimming platform.  Morning's shadow slowly retreated toward me and I retreated with it, finding  shelter in the lily pads and marshy shoreline.  My kayak bobbed with the rhythm of the water as I simply sat and watched the morning activity.

A wonderful moment to be fully engaged.

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