Sunday, May 04, 2014

Mid-Spring Velo News

Another wet and rainy weekend.  I was fortunate to have some time Friday afternoon to catch the last of the dry weather for a 15 mile ride.  I would have otherwise been a wet cyclist had I been forced to ride yesterday or today.  Or a disappointed one had I not gone out at all. Last weekend was no different.  I got out on a beautiful Friday afternoon for a 10 mile loop before the rain settled in.  I went out Sunday for another 10 miles in what I hoped would be window between showers but it rained for about half that time.  Looking back even further it seems like I've been dodging rain for months now.

That said, riding is still one of the high points of my week.  It's a time to blow all the chaff from my brain and revel in the intimate beauty of the Olympia area.  Even the rainiest weekends will have some windows where I'm willing to take my chances.  So far it's worked--I'm ahead 23 miles toward my annual mileage goal, even with missed weeks for the Okeefenokee trip and at least one rained out and one snowed out weekend.

These days I am watching the construction of the Pacific Avenue Crossing.  This project will eliminate the last major road crossing on the Chehalis Western Trail.  Work began shortly after New Year's Day with completion expected by December.  This week crews placed girders across Pacific Avenue.  Much work remains but once done, I won't have to thread my way around or through the South Sound Mall parking lot and across four lanes of traffic.  I look forward to that. 

Maybe I'll remember to take a camera next time I head in that direction.

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