Thursday, June 07, 2007

Support This Troop!

Adam Kokesh has a blog, Sergeant Kokesh Goes to Washington, an account of the trials and activities of an anti-war veteran. Adam Kokesh is the inactive Marine reservist threatened with a downgraded discharge because wore his uniform in Operation First Casualty. I can't recommend it highly enough. His response to the offered plea agreement is an eloquent statement that shames the Marine bureaucracy in its attempts to silence a combat veteran. The photo of Sergeant Kokesh in full deployment regalia with flowers is a nice touch also. I already have a link to his organization, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and will add Sergeant Kokesh to my blogroll as well. In the meantime, tell every one you know.

Adam Kokesh will be my guest on this Sunday's About Face at 2:00 pm Eastern Time. Tune in at 1480 AM In the Large Amorphous Central Arizona Urban Area or on-line at 1480kphx.

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