Sunday, April 26, 2009

Again This Year

Olympia held its annual Procession of the Species yesterday. This community event celebrates the wonder of life and is indeed wondrous to behold. I can't do much better describing it than I did last year; the biggest difference is that yesterday I recognized a surprising number of the people passing before me in the dazzling array of costumes and kinetic dioramas. It's hard to even remember the many different representations of earth, air, fire and water--although the walking S'Mores and campfire group is hard to forget. I had a good vantage just as the procession turned on to Washington Street--I could look south along two full blocks of color and exuberance.

On this spring day the exuberance was fully warranted. Seeing so many people of all ages celebrating the sheer joy of being alive in this world reminds me all the more of why working for a world where all can celebrate that joy is so very important. Procession was about 50 minutes of grand noisethat I recognized friends in the procession.



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