Friday, November 02, 2012

Echoes of 2008

Four years ago I wrote these words
 'Tis the night before election and I do care. John McCain and Sarah Palin would pretty much finish the wrecking job on America so well carried out during the past eight years. That cannot be good for anybody except the corporate moneyed class that has waxed so fat and happy at the expense of everyone else. Barack Obama and the party he represents have many flaws that have dampened my enthusiasm for him but put him and Joe Biden next to McCain and Palin and the choice is disturbingly clear: sheer madness and mayhem with McCain or a remote chance that we can turn around before we drive America off the cliff. 
Change McCain and Palin to Romney and Ryan and the words still fit.  Romney and Ryan will no doubt be more calcuating and cold than "madness and mayhem" but the wrecking crew that brought this nation to military exhaustion and economic catastrophe would be back in the saddle.  As in 2008, a Republican victory would bode ill for economic freedom and social justice in America. 

I also wrote, "No matter who wins tomorrow, nothing is assured."  The past four years of Republican obstructionism combined with Democratic hesitation and ineffectiveness is proof of that.  Tuesday's results (or whenever the final tally is in) only mean a change in the line ups.  The contest will continue. 

Still, I'd prefer to the lesser evil to win. 

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Blogger the salamander said...

Hoping for the lesser evil to win
thats a pretty sad hope
but I know what you mean

thats a state of feeling no power
losing belief in your own personal power
thinking your living culture has lost its power

that is not true .. its just a perception
you may turn your back on a perception
and walk away without it following

If America has evolved
to where a Romney/Ryan
'white house' is the best bet

then your problem is not Romney/Ryan
Its the people that think so

cherish and rekindle your own personal power
and the same power that is in others like you
it is there .. and you know that

Even Romney/Ryan cannot extinguish it
they may think so .. even try to ..
but you should never buy that bad whisky

we're in the same situation in Canada
and I am going .. no.. I have gone
active with my power

I may not walk in beauty yet
but I am walking

2:57 AM  
Blogger Rez Dog said...

Like you I'll still be walking after November 6. That is the power that I do have, the power to keep fighting. Election results might affect the outcome of my efforts but they do not diminish my belief in "liberty and justice for all."

7:46 AM  

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