Friday, November 09, 2012

Those Terrible Veterans

Veterans For Peace Chapter 92 was rejected for marching in the Auburn, Washington Veterans Day parade.  Now a federal judge has ordered the city to allow VFP to march.  

Apparently veterans advocating peace bring the wrong message.  As the city attorney described it,
the city was thanking veterans for their contributions and for “defending freedoms around the world,” and that the VFP’s anti-war message, peace flags and reminders of the human and financial tolls of conflict were antithetical to that message.
That's right folks, reminders of the human and financial tolls of conflict are not a welcome thought on Veterans Day.  Fortunately, the judge saw right through that bullshit:
Judge Pechman said it would be a stretch to somehow arrive at the conclusion that the VFP’s message that “peace is a good thing” is somehow dishonoring veterans. She ordered the city to ensure that the group’s placement in the parade is “in keeping” with its members’ status as veterans.
Ignoring the cost of war makes it all too easy to think of war as an option. 

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Blogger the salamander said...

a weak, and ignorant slap to the face,
from unhappy or brittle folk of little standing

may startle you, just for a moment

hold your head high, laugh inside yourself
roll your eyes, turn your cheek

and just keep walking forward
one beautiful step at a time

a store bought suit will never fit you

avoid parades

12:18 AM  

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