Monday, September 01, 2008

Hiker News

My Appalachian Trail companions Montreal and Kutsa are out hiking again. This time the Quebec National Trail across Montreal's home province. They have a bilingual website with a not yet updated journal and other information at Pancrhromatic Paseo Productions. And a film, The Maine Reason, due out next February.

They were fine companions in 2002 and again in 2005. I'm pretty sure this trip will be worth following.



It's okay if you are a Republican.
Some evangelicals said today that they were not put off by the news, in light of the fact that Bristol Palin plans to carry the baby to term and marry the father. Cathie Adams, president of the Eagle Forum's Texas chapter, said she was pleased Palin's daughter was nearly done with high school and that she was going ahead with the pregnancy.

"This is a family that keeps dealing with challenges and they keep doing the right thing," Adams said, adding that humans are "fallen beings."

Only an evil liberal would judge this good family in this private matter.

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