Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring News

Back in Olympia after a four day trip and it is quite obvious that spring is arriving. In just the time I was gone, my morning walk went from bare twilight to noticeably light. Looking through the bare tree branches I can see little silhouettes of budding foliage. Blossoms are beginning to show.

Life begins anew.


Going Mainstream

Joseph Stiglitz has taken the message he presented a few weeks ago in The Nation to a more prominent pulpit: the editorial page of the New York Times. The Times will certainly give him a wider audience. I wonder if anyone will actually pay attention to what he says.listen.

While I'm on the subject of economics, I heard a criticism of Obama's economic rescue plan as simply trying to recreate the economy as it was before the crash. Imagine, wanting to set up the same system that has created the latest panic. You'd think he would want to change things.