Friday, February 22, 2013

Almost Home

Last night on the road and I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow.  Two weeks in a motel is a long time, no matter how spectacular the setting.

This trip does remind me what amazing light is to be found in northeast Arizona and northwest New Mexico.  The light here is palpable and  as real as the people, animals and landscape.  No wonder I was so active as a photographer during the years I live here.

This time around I brought my Yashica medium format and shot a roll of film.  I also had my little point and shoot digital for more immediate results.  Here are a few.images.

My  former neighborhood in Window Rock.  I was in the third trailer from the right.

The old IHS hospital in Fort Defiance.

View from the Sawmill Road

Navajo Veterans Cemetery
The Window Rock

The gray northwest skies will take some getting used to after all this light.  Still, it's home now and that is where I want to be.

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