Sunday, February 15, 2015

Half Past Winter Velo News

Along with the usual wet, foggy weather Olympia gets this time of year, we've had some very nice sunny days for cycling.  Today was one.  It started with a morning fog and clouds but all that was gone by the time I got out at one.  The air was a bit chilly to start but I warmed up pretty quickly.  I rode south on the Chehalis Western Trail, across SE Olympia and North Tumwater. out to The Evergreen State College and back through NW Olympia and downtown.  was never at all cold. The wind was blowing hard from the northeast so a few of my climbs were more challenging than normal.  Total miles today: 25.8.

Friday was even warmer.  I got out for a short 10 mile ride in the afternoon.  I rode in shorts and without my fleece earband.  I don't believe I've ever dressed so lightly for a February ride.  Last week was mostly rainy but Sunday offered some clear weather early on so I was out by 9:00.  Mist was rising from many places as the early morning began burning off the the previous days' moisture.

So far I've ridden every week in 2015 and have a total of 184 miles on the year.  That puts me two weeks ahead of schedule toward my annual goal of 1040 miles.  2015 will be the year that I break 10,000 miles on my bike computer although probably broke 10,000 on the bike a year or two ago.  My previous computer died at 1,500 or 2,500 miles so I can't say for sure.

Last year's cycling totaled 1,046 miles.  I eked out my annual goal with about 6 miles to spare despite missing 8 weeks after my hip surgery.  I ride with no joint pain in my hip these days.

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