Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hiding Behind the Troops to Save His Sorry Ass

In his sputtering, stumbling walk back of his Iraq gaffe Jeb Bush resorted to America's "last refuge of scoundrels" in 2st Century, he hid behind the troops.
In Tempe, Bush tried to explain his difficulty articulating his views on Iraq as the result of being reluctant to say anything that might suggest he was ungrateful for the sacrifice of the U.S. armed forces and their families during 12 years of war. “It’s very hard for me to say that their lives were lost in vain,” Bush said. “In fact, they weren’t. We have the greatest military in the face of the earth.” He added, “Their sacrifice was worth honoring, not depreciating.”
Which set me off like a rocket.  Of course their lives were lost in vain.  No strategic objective was achieved.  Anti-American insurgency has metastasized throughout the Middle East, and America is caught in a never-ending military intervention that simply breeds more resistance.  All that American life and treasure, not to mention the dead and maimed Iraqis, for nothing.  And no, Jeb, George did not bequeath Obama a stable Iraq in 2009.  All George did was buy a decent interval with the surge.  That interval turned into the rise of the ISIS. 

But Jeb Bush won't admit that the troops' sacrifices were in vain because admitting that means his brother, Dick Cheney, John Bolton  and all of the other architects of the war squandered those lives and that sacrifice.  Acolytes like Jeb cheered them on and now suggests that questioning the war means "depreciating" the sacrifices of our armed forces.  I say that Jeb Bush dishonors that sacrifice by using it a as a shield to save his sorry ass.