Monday, September 25, 2006

Very Light Blogging Ahead

This week I'm heading to Park City, Utah to attend a professional conference and will probably not be active at all. If a certain organization can ever decide on a proposal I submitted to it, I may actually be heading to another state to work. That's likely to keep me otherwise occupied.

Before I depart I offer two thoughts:

First, Republican apologists for the War in Iraq are reacting in a particularly obtuse manner to the National Intelligence Estimate that reports that the Iraq War is INCREASING terrorist threats to the United States. What I've heard so far is eitherthat: a) terrorism would happen anyway or b) the reports are incomplete. They want us to believe that the Iraq War is irrelevant or that the rest of the report would contradict what is a pretty clear (and obvious) conclusion. But they've fooled Americans over and over and over. Why not yet again?

Second, where the fuck were the Democrats last week when McCain,Warner and Graham questioned BushCheney's unAmerican legislation on torture and military commissions. Why does a party whose representatives sit smugly on the sidelines while Republicans argue about the heart and soul of the country think that it merits my support? FUCKERS!

Okay. Now I'm off to Utah.