Thursday, October 30, 2014

What's In a Name?

An earlier post referred to US "military operations against ISIS" rather than its official name, "Operation Enduring Resolve" which is a pretty honest statement about what Obama is leading America into.  Despite the honesty the name still sounds pretty hokey to me insofar as it suggests that the operation is somehow highly desirable. 

An even better and equally honest name is Operation Fool Me Twice which was suggested as an entry to the Name That Operation contest in the Washington Post a while back. 

I'll stick with that one.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What Rory Fanning Said

Not long ago I wrote a post about how little the rote phrase "thank you for your service" means to me as a veteran.  Today I read Rory Fanning's post on the same topic at TomDispatch.  Mr. Fanning takes the idea much father than I did and I could not agree more.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Early Fall Non-Velo News

Saturday was a blustery fall day in Olympia with rain and wind.  Lots of leaves were in play throughout the afternoon as the wind sent swirls of leaves in all directions.  Trees still have a great deal of foliage some of  which is still green but mostly an infinite palate of reds, yellows and everything in between.  We're still a few  weeks away from the Big Drop when Olympia's trees seem to shed all remaining leaves at once bringing us face-to-face with the coming winter.

The day was also notable in that I took my first solo walk since my hip surgery five weeks ago.  Up to now, Maggie has always accompanied me out of concern for my stability and to keep me from overdoing it.  Last week we walked about three quarters of a mile.  Today's solo walk was probably double that and my longest since the surgery.  It was also my first  without the durable medical equipment (walker and then cane) I've been using for the past five weeks.  I used trekking poles for stability and walked a good pace with no trouble.

The walk did me considerable good.  It felt great to be out on my own and feel steady progress toward healing.  The blustery wind slammed into me as I walked south and pushed me home on my return.  It wasn't the same as feeling the wind on my face during a bike ride but I was out in the weather and engaged with my environment after weeks of very restricted activity.  It felt good.