Monday, December 15, 2014

Very Late Fall Velo News

After a cloudy, overcast morning yesterday turned into a sunny cool day in Olympia.  Fall is just about over--the trees are nearly bare--and the norm for this time of year is wet so the sunshine was most welcome.  I rode 25 miles through town and along the Chehalis Western Trail.  I am pretty much back to my pre-surgery mileage although I still pick my routes to minimize hill climbs.

The big news for cyclists is that the Pacific Avenue overpass is now open.  Some work remains and I'm sure a formal dedication is in the works soon but for my purposes it's complete.  The overpass gives a grand view of Mount Rainier in the distance and eliminates a most vexing road crossing.  It's now possible to ride the entire CWT without encountering major traffic.  Certainly an achievement worth  celebrating.

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