Saturday, August 01, 2015

Oh Wow!

Got new hearing aids on Thursday and have been tripping out on how lively the world sounds.  At times it seems way loud.  Have I been missing this all these years?  Everything sounds crisp and sharp.  It's like they turned up the treble on my ears.  I've always preferred treble in my audio so that gain is most welcome but all sounds are richer as well.

The new units are far more sophisticated than my old ones which date back to 2006.  Instead of a hollow tube to transmit sound, the new ones run a fine wire to a speaker in each ear.  The unit is adjusted to my hearing range and I can adjust the volume.  The hearing aids  passed their first two tests within hours.  I went to a noisy brewpub for a few hours and managed to participate in much of the conversation.  I can also hear my watch alarm when it sounds, something I never heard wearing the old units.  Since then I've been hearing sounds that I have not noticed in years. 

If the first couple of days are any indication, I may wear these far more faithfully than the old ones.